[:en]How can you increase the business with minimum investments?[:]

[:en]How can you increase the business with minimum investments?[:]

[:en]The critical moment in any business in ascension occurs when the man who created the company must begin to delegate work and to reorganize the business. Delegating work means to trust in others, the trust is built by means of a well-organized control system.

Follow your business plan to make no additional expenses, at the same time be careful where you make expenses cuts not to affect the overall business.

If there are additional expenses within a project, do not hesitate to renegotiate with the client in order to include an additional amount.

Simplify the business by rethinking the internal bureaucratic system, maximum efficiency on minimum paperwork. Introduce information systems that are not too expensive, but ensure a smooth conduct of business: accounting, sales reports, simple financial analysis that helps the manager etc.

Encourage the personnel to be innovative, stimulate it, 5% offered to the personnel can imply 20% less expenses

Set your target audience very well to enter the appropriate forums, eventually as a trusted advisor. Use social networks.

Try to make your website attractive, offering people advice on how to solve various problems, it costs nothing

The offers, promotions to be well-defined

Do not neglect the details, each person in your project has to understand its place and to be fully involved in its accomplishment.


Explore alternative financing sources, in order to have the cash flow necessary to perform the business


The marketing message has to be not too complicated.[:]

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