Consulting services







We offer:

  • Identifying the most appropriate accounting and tax policies

  • Studies and analyzes on opportunities created by fiscal and accounting legislation;

  • Operative provision of the latest changes in fiscal laws and the possibilities of recovery of such information and adapt to legislative changes occurred;

  • Analysis of financial flow sand cash flow;

  • Drawing of revenue and expenditure;

  • Analysis of capital and assets;

  • Income tax and/or profit;

  • Advice in the form of fiscal checks to determine to what extent the calculation and payment of taxes(VAT, income tax, income tax withholding, income tax calculation for which there is obligation, retention and steering) was performed correctly and that the provisions of tax laws were strictly observed;

  • Advice on issues of tax procedure;

  • Representation in dealing with the control bodies of the Ministry of Finance and the ITM;

  • Assistance in preparing statements of taxes;

  • Consulting on regulations for import and export activities;

  • Participation in drafting complaints or other documents communicated to the tax authorities;

  • Advice on how to prepare annual and biannual reports and certification, etc.

  • International Taxation

  • Continuous information by e-mail, phone


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