Judicial and non judicial expertise(accounting/fiscal)

From time to time you may need the accounting expertise as a necessary evidence. That job  needs accounting experts’ knowledge and expertise.
That’s where we can help.
We offer you high quality expertise using specific accounting methods.
Our competence ensure a professional documentation and realization of the accounting expertise.

We can do for you the following jobs:

parallax-lawFinancial/accounting expertise ordered by Court.
The expertise conclusions are used by the Court as evidence to prove diferent cases.



Accounting expertise to support you in the following areas:

  • the decision of choosing business partners
  • commercial tranzactions  reconciliation
  • preliminary documentation of the Court cases
  • preliminary substantiation of the appeals

judicial accounting expertise:

-contencios administrativ,
-for companies in liquidation (final debts table, administrator responsibility)
-various commercial causes
-homeowners associations

We can be your own expert in expertises ordered by court

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