Our company provides full accounting services,offering you a true and fair vue of the bussines you have:

Financial accounting

  • I
    • Complete acounting services  based on the documents received from the Beneficiary
    • All mandatory Accounting Registers fill in and update (Registrul jurnal de vanzari, Registrul jurnal de cumparari, Cartea mare, Registrul jurnal; Registrul de evidenta fiscala; Registrul inventar)
    • Tax calculation (Corporate Tax, VAT etc)
    • Elaboration and submission of the monthly fiscal declarations to the Central budget (forms no. 100, 300,394 etc)
    • Elaboration and submission of the local taxes declarations
    • Biannual and annual financial statements – elaboration and submission certified by one of our experts to be sure that they reflects reality
    • Completing the Inventory recordbased on datafromclient

Management accounting

  • If you want absolute control over your business use the COMPUTER. It can be of a great HELP.
    ERP comes from Enterprise Resource Planning and it is a business-finance-accounting-payrol integrated system.
    The ERP helps you to acknowledge anytime which are the company resources, how are they allocated and what they produce for you.
    You can access all the data in real time. You can have the profitability per product and/or customer at any time. You can controll any subsidiary or working place from your desk.Do you need an accounting software and you don’t know which of them is better for your company?
    Do you want a software especially tailored for your own business?
    Does your actual system produce all the reports you need?
    Is it able to calculate all the necessary KPIs?
    Do you already have the software but it hasn’t the right configuration?

    We have the answers to all the above questions.


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